labell luxury

Labell is one of the largest manufacturers of stretch ceilings in Ukraine. Our products are also known in the countries of near and far abroad.

We use a progressive harpoon system for fastening suspended ceilings and materials from leading European manufacturers. Our stretch ceilings are made of high-quality PVC films from world famous brands: ALKOR DRAKA (France), RENOLIT (Germany) and LACKFOLIO with a width of 1,5 to 5 m. A wide range of colors and shades of PVC film (more than 150), as well as the professionalism and experience of our specialists allow us to manufacture and install stretch ceilings of any complexity, with almost unlimited possibilities for interior design.

Labell employees always:

1 perform their work responsibly and professionally, regardless of the volume and value of orders;

2 are responsible for the implementation process and the results of their work;

3 are open to new ideas and suggestions;

4 offer creative solutions;

5 show an individual approach to partners and customers.

Labell is constantly expanding its dealer network in the regions, providing training and consulting, conducting advertising and technical support.

We have gained a good reputation. We are recommended. More than half of the customers applied to our company on recommendation.